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If you have recently discovered about the HSV infection, there is no need to panic about. While you might be a little worried if you're single, experts believe that herpes single can have an absolutely normal life.
Remember, you are not alone. It’s free to join.

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There are hundreds of thousands of people that have herpes. As there is no cure for this condition, once you contract the virus, there is no way by which you can get rid of it. is a dedicated herpes dating site that caters to the unique needs of herpes single. This is a support cum dating group that aims to bring together herpes singles from various corners of the world.

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Apart from helping people find their ideal match, this site also provides a fair deal of information pertaining to the condition and ways of dealing with it. In addition, we also offer information on various STD events taking place in your area so that you can actively participate and meet some interesting people.

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Critical information about herpes care locations and treatment centers are also available on the website. Once you register with us, you'd also be able to take advantage of communication options including the likes of emails and instant messages, besides highly efficient search algorithms that allow users to find their match based on innumerable parameters.

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we are just 3 hours away. We pulled the trigger to meet up after one month email. We met up and there was definitely a great connection. We met up in Savanah GA for St Patrick's day and spent 2 days and a half together. It was an amazing time. We have plans to make visiting a regular thing now and who knows what the future will bring.

Crystal & William


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Thank you for your services, this site has enabled me to move forward with my life and I now truly believe that there's someone out there for everyone. I have found what I've been looking for and hopefully we will spend the rest of our days together.

Jackob & Samantha


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Wanted to let you all know that I met an amazing guy from your site. We talked online for a very short period of time before we actually exchanged numbers. I'd say about 2 days. We met up for he first time maybe a week after conversing on the phone. It's been heaven since. I appreciate your site on making dating so much easier for people like us.

Betty & Jason